001 : Traversing New Territory – My Foray into New Realms of Conversation and Contemplation

Welcome, my friend.

This little project is very close to my heart.

Other People is a conversational and contemplative project, where I will be exploring stories and drawing out the wisdom living in people I consider to be everyday sages, artists, and others who’ve lived their lives well and have stories to share.

The inspiration for this project is twofold.

On one hand, I have spent a lot of time looking at other people and thinking ‘what they’re doing is so cool’ or ‘wow, they’re so interesting’ and then immediately thinking ‘yeah, but that’s them, I can’t do that’. After doing this again and again, I started to wonder who these ‘other people were’ and why they were so different to me. I got curious, started to ask questions and prod a little, and soon discovered that these ‘other people’ were actually not all that different to you or I. Then I wondered what the catalyst was for them – what was the moment that changed everything for them, and how could I make that more accessible.

The other part of my inspiration was that we seem to live in a world that has us always seeking insight from the next book, or documentary, or thought leader, or even educational course we can find. We forget sometimes that the people that we already know have so much to offer. We don’t actually have to wander to far to connect into the wisdom and perspective that would make our lives richer. I started wondering what would happen if we started looking at those in our existing circles as wisdom keepers?

This project has been a long, long time coming. In her current iteration, Other People has patiently stayed the course with me for well more than a year before I felt ready to bring her from concept to form. As I reflect on why a podcast, why now, and why the curious probe into other people, it dawned on me that the gentle nudges have been reaching out from the ether for quite some time. Over a decade, actually.

There was the written interview series in my first ever blog (written under a pseudonym and kept secret from most people I knew, obviously great for readership), and a well-intentioned, but poorly resourced idea for an online hub that was intended as a compilation of everyday wisdom for young people. And I can’t forget the short course in radio production for the local volunteer radio station. I guess you could call it the alchemy of the scraps and fragments of ideas, and abandoned creations that have been biding their time to meet you and I here today in this moment.

The ultimate vision for Other People is that I will spend my days, maybe 5 or 10 years from now, sitting at a kitchen table with microphones set up with a brew in hand and amazing guest across from me. We’ll sit and chat, and still be sharing these conversations with you. For now though, this is a kind of slow burn project that, at least for now, will amble along, paced by the availability of intriguing guests of honour. So too will the conversations themselves amble along, taking shape as the spirit of the conversations themselves dictate. It’s not really my intention for this to become a hard hitting interview style show, and instead a more organic, conversational connection with another person where we both feel open to being changed by the conversation we’re having and asking and answering questions that we might not have met before.

I can appreciate that this may not be for you, but if your interest is piqued, then by all means get cosy and listen in as I commit to finding my feet in this particular realm of inquisition and connection. Thank you for your patience as I get comfortable behind the mic.

And, if while you’re listening, to these first few episodes especially, someone comes to mind or heart that you’d love to hear a conversation with please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

I look forward to being nestled in your ears and sharing these beautiful moments with you. I hope you get as much out of these conversations as I do.

Speak soon, friend.

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