003 : Aleira Moon – Self Expression, Art, and Photography as a Way to See Others, and Be with Self

Try as I might, I can’t quite remember the moment the fabric of my world peeled opened just enough so that Aleira Moon could saunter onto my path, first as an artist I admired online for a long while, then the artist behind the lens deftly capturing my own likeness.

So, I can’t offer you the kind of proper introduction I’d like to – one befitting of such a connection – forgive me? Though, I do wonder if perhaps my foggy memory is instead a trick of the senses. Perhaps she simply emerged into my world one day from the deep nothingness of the ether all creation is pulled from, not unlike her own visionary tendencies…

Photographer, artist, and self expression activist (among other things, many of them) Aleira believes in the power of art and beauty. She tends to both the seen and unseen spaces in this world by exploring the human experience, living for the wild magick that dances and weaves it’s way through everything, and encouraging others to seek out ways of fully coming home to their aliveness too, in whatever form that takes.

Just between you and me, there’s something wonderful about Aleira’s way of being that has me contemplating if she’s even of this world. At least, I would hazard a guess she’s spent eons shifting between realms, never quite losing her connection with each along the way. A seer and conduit, she plays with the elements in a way that tells you that there is nothing in the fabric of your being that would throw her. Nothing too sweet, nothing too dark, nothing too textured, and nothing too true. Feet planted firm and barefoot on the earth, crown open, and eyes trained on glimmers of otherworlds begging for attention, Aleira’s ability to draw forth the distinctive life force of those who sit before her (human or otherwise) and turn it into art is unwavering.

This beauty joined me for an evening conversation after a day of testing her creative limits shooting food (people are more her thing). I was a little nervous to be speaking to a creator I admire so much, but this ended up being one of the richest and most nourishing conversations I’ve ever had.

Perhaps this pocket of space and time could be that for you, too?

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Topics we wrapped ourselves around:

  • How self exploration in art impacts her capacity to see and be with vulnerability in others
  • Venturing into the sphere of commercial photography, and why she won’t compromise on authenticity
  • How being sensitive enables to read her clients (no matter how much they think they’re hiding)
  • Consciously cultivating intuitive sensibility and presence through her studies of Art Therapy
  • How we really are all as beautifully human as each other
  • Employing a framework of archetypes when capturing the essence of her clients
  • How she experiences transmissions of inspiration and insight about clients during a shoot
  • The medicine of working with ‘what is’ and the beauty of dancing with spontaneity
  • Why she loves working in and with nature
  • The bridge between soul self and human self
  • Being a creative chameleon and the power of showing up for one creative endeavor at a time
  • Not going it alone
  • Her upcoming solo exhibition

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fb. @aleiramoonartist